Artist Showcase - Durlyn Alexander


Growing up in southern California, Durlyn got recognized in Grade School after winning an art contest. Her teachers were so impressed by her willingness to create artwork that they knew she would be famous. Other than winning those private art classes in elementary school, Durlyn has mostly been self taught, without formal instruction.

Life gets in the way ... Durlyn had raised her three beautiful kids, mostly on her own. She hammered through it with the fierce desire of a mama bear protecting her cubs. She found herself in Washington State, walking in the mall, where she met this gentleman drawing. He was inspirational to her, and she started up a conversation. He instructed her to follow her heart, do what she wanted to do, and most important, start drawing again. Their friendship has lasted to this day.

Realism with a touch of Fantasy. Like riding a bike, Durlyn restarted drawing and her gift was restored. Durlyn's magic to create realistic looking artwork with a touch of fantasy has been described as whimsical, lovable and amazing. She started to show her artwork around and quickly began showing in SciFi/Fantasy Conventions, local art stores, and at her place of work. Soon she was promoted to ArtShow Director at the conventions.

Durlyn is still amazed that people collect her artwork. She is a fan of all artwork. She has done Commissioned Artwork, donated to Art Council Auctions, and was included in several CDs produced for SciFi Artwork. Durlyn has won many awards, although being recognized by her peers is her most prized accomplishment.

Inspiration. Durlyn is not intimidated by the difficult nature to create, but has taken it to another level. Her inspiration generally comes from her dreams or stories told by her many friends. She reflects, "You cannot predict when it will happen, Inspiration just sneaks up on you."

Now married and with four awesome grandkids, Durlyn has worked for the local hospital for over 26 years and dreams of retiring to her artwork. Unselfish, Durlyn has given to everyone over the years and asked nothing in return. But it is time for her to shine. Her goal is to paint the perfect picture.

Perfectionist. Durlyn still anguishes over completed artwork that she wants to "fix." Like a river flowing past us, nothing stays the same. Durlyn's drive to paint the perfect picture has eluded her so far, however, she will not stop trying.

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Artwork: Little Alice Blue Dress