Artist Showcase - Charlene D'Alessio


Charlene Taylor D'Alessio has been painting and illustrating in the science fiction and fantasy genre since 1973. She holds a BFA in painting from Syracuse University and an MFA in Art Ed. and Painting from Univ. of Bridgeport. She began her art career as a graphic artist in the 1970's, became an art teacher through the 1980's & 1990's, and continued to do science fiction and fantasy illustrating and attend SF conventions. Since 1999, Charlene has been a full-time science fiction and fantasy illustrator, exhibiting and selling at conventions throughout the US, Canada, and Australia.

Living in coastal Connecticut, the woods, her garden and the sea coast often inspire many of her humorous and colorful illustrations depicting cats, mice, owls, dragons and hamster personalities along with pirate themes. Her hand-painted neckties are well known. Charlene works mainly in acrylics but occasionally oils, watercolors, and digitally. Her artwork has been published by Sunsout, in Robot Magazine and self-published by The Fantasy Den Press. An illustrated Children's book is in the works.

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Artwork: Shipwrecked