Artist Showcase - Cindy Emmons


From Krazy Kat to Schrodinger's Cat, felines have always been part of science fiction. So when my Sock Cats started mewling about wanting to go to a con, I figured that they were anthropomorphic enough to fit in. However, it wasn't until I started to research the history of socks that I realized how well they fit.

Holy Steampunk! Socks were right there at the start of the Industrial Revolution. Mechanized hosiery-making was the first target of the Luddite Revolt, and I could envision Ol' Ned Ludd playing Whac-A-Cat as they popped out of the knitting machines. Later, Victorian textile manufacturing remained at the heart of both progress and misery. It's unfortunate that Henry Mayhew never saw fit to interview a Sock Cat because their insights would have been invaluable.

In our time, the Sock Cats have not only maintained their curiosity and knack for survival, they have maintained their sense of fun. They consider themselves to be High Stitchpunk, cheering loudly for #9 and exploring with the dolls of the Brothers Quay.

Right now, the Sock Cats are demanding better chairs and point to Barbie's furniture as an example of what they'd like. I remind them that if it were not for old-fashioned DIY, they would all be stuffed with someone's feet. That shuts them up. For a while.

Artwork: Sock Cats