Artist Showcase - Sabine Furlong


Hello, my name is Sabine Furlong. I live near Oxford, England with my husband and two children. Originally I am from Germany but have been living in England since 1996. I like the rolling hills of the Oxfordshire countryside and the sleeping towers of Oxford, with only a quick trip on the train to buzzling London. I have always been interested in photography ever since my dad dropped my first small camera into my lap and taught me about picture composition, lenses, exposure time and such. When I graduated to my first SLR a new world of possibilities opened and with my first digital camera my playing field increased again. For the last 10 years I have been putting my two passions, science fiction and photography, together to create something new. I like unusual angles, looking through things, experimenting with colour to make something familiar into something unfamiliar. I aim for funny, quirky or simply beautiful but all with a science fiction or fantasy angle. So you can expect dragons but also Daleks, fairies and alien flowers, as well as the Terminator coming at you from the fire. I hope you will enjoy my work.

Artwork: The Strawberry Thief