Artist Showcase - Alan Leach


Alan Leach grew up in Portland, Oregon. After graduating from Portland State University, he entered a career in advertising and marketing in 1980. At this point in his career, his focus has returned to fine art, and he currently resides and finds great inspiration in the environment of the Oregon coast.

Artist Statement:

I am fascinated by the phenomena by which an artistic expression becomes "magic"... Every person is drawn by the magic, regardless of individual background or artistic ability, and drawn in, in spite of themselves... And the irony is that this aesthetic connection happens if for no other reason than because that person simply "knows what they like" ...

Art is complicated... More complicated still, is the visual aspect itself: the idea that art is only understood visually... intuitively... Artists themselves are enticed by a gift.. And that gift is stimulated by a daily re-collated set of revolving motivational revelations...

For me, the most compelling of these revelations happens when the "magic" happens... That's when concept, materials, symbols, and advancing technique come together to create the "Wow!" factor... Like the gratification when the gemcutter cuts the perfect stone... Or the exhilaration of the mountain climber beholding a breath-taking vista... Or the athlete winning the game for his team in the final seconds... Art can be a powerful form of encouraging inspiration...

Note: Alan Leach's work will be exhibited at LoneStarCon 3 by Northern Star Art.

To see and purchase Alan's art, contact Mark Corrinet, Northern Star Art, and visit Northern Star Art at

Artwork: Mars Surveyor