Artist Showcase - Mike Maung


Mike Maung found out at an early age he had a passion for painting after being exposed to Salvador Dali in the mid-70's. Other influences include Hieronymus Bosch, Roger Dean, Frank Frazetta and Patrick Woodroffe. Starting in acrylics to create other worlds on canvas, he progressed to large scale murals and stage sets for local theaters. While attending Massachusetts College of Art, he moved on to oil paintings and creating large scale sculptures. He has been building large temporary sculptures over the past decade incorporating light with common building materials to create spectacular centerpieces for events across the country. His work has been included in the Spectrum series, the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, Volume 5 and has been displayed at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston in the early 1990's. His artwork has been seen at several World Science Fiction Conventions, Arisia and Boskone.

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Artwork: 69th Infantry 1862