Artist Showcase - Rachael Mayo


Rachael Mayo is a fantasy and SF artist from Kansas City, Missouri. She earned a bachelor's degree in illustration from University of Central Missouri in 1999.

Rachael considers art her foremost hobby, and she spends most hours outside of her day job producing art. (Her day job is technical; she is a tech analyst who enjoys tormenting unsuspecting mainframes.)

Rachael prefers traditional art mediums and specializes in combination techniques that include watercolor, colored pencil, paint pens, ink, acrylic, and found objects. She likes to create creatures with eye-searingly bright patterns and color schemes.

Most of the artwork Rachael produces is in the form of private commissions and personal projects. She occasionally creates book covers and interior illustrations, and works primarily with small press publishers.

Rachael likes bugs, birds, monsters from outer space, dragons, fish, movie soundtracks and the symphony, clouds, books, and giant robots.

Rachael shows her work every year at science fiction and fantasy convention art shows around the country. These include ConQuesT in KC, DragonCon in Atlanta, LunaCon in New York, Archon in St. Louis, MileHighCon in Denver, CoastCon in Biloxe, and the Raytown Artists' Invitational, among others. She participates in the annual Art/Work competition hosted by the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City.

Portrait photo: Erin Noah.

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Artwork: Dragons of Every Dawn