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Born in South Yorkshire, UK in 1947, Chris Moore graduated in illustration from the Royal College of Art in 1972. He began his professional career as a founding partner in a design group called Moore Morris, working on a huge variety of projects - from book covers, record covers and magazine covers, to wallpaper designs (he produced a particularly successful one for The Empire Strikes Back which sold 5 million rolls in the first week).

Chris has produced covers for almost every kind of book, but when he was commissioned to do his first SF cover for an Alfred Bester book he found his true love. Since then he has worked for most of the major publishers on both sides of the Atlantic for such authors as Isaac Asimov, Clifford D. Simak, Larry Niven and Arthur C. Clarke. In 2000 he was commissioned to produce a first day cover for The Isle of Man post office to commemorate 2001 by Arthur C. Clarke. This was subsequently signed in space by all the astronauts on the space shuttle. In recent years Moore has become notably associated with the works of Philip K. Dick, having done covers for almost all his publications at one time or another including his non-SF novels and stories.

Chris enjoyed getting a 'Pink Pig' award from Women in Publishing in 1980 for the most sexist book cover for that year (Capitol by Orson Scott Card) and he's received an Asimov's Magazine Readers Award for best cover art in 1998 as well as several Chesley nominations.

His art has been featured in: Parallel Lines in 1981 by Dragons Dream (also featuring the work of Peter Elson), Dream Makers (collecting the work of 6 artists, 1988 by Paper Tiger), and Fantasy Art Masters, published by Watson-Guptill, 2000. In 1999 his first collection: Journeyman, the Art of Chris Moore by Stephen Gallagher was published by Paper Tiger. Chris's essay "The Curate's Apple" and art was selected for the anthology Paint or Pixel: The Digital Divide in Illustration Art (Non-Stop, 2008). He has had many featured articles and magazine interviews, most recently a major piece in Illustration, Comic & Animation Fantasy Art a highly glossy magazine published in China by the University of Peking.

Chris is married with two children and two dogs and has two children from a previous marriage. He lives in a converted barn in Lancashire, England where he runs a gallery from his home - and also finds time to play lead guitar in a local country blues band.

Note: Chris Moore's work will be exhibited at LoneStarCon 3 by Worlds of Wonder.

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Artwork: Cover for We Can Build You (Philip K Dick), Harpercollins 1996