Artist Showcase - Northern Star Art


You are entering a new realm in art sales and representation. I (Mark Corrinet) am the proprietor of this humble establishment and I have been buying, selling and collecting artwork for over 30 years.

The great Kelly Freas urged me to start representing artists and selling their artwork. It was my privilege to represent Kelly for the last years of his life and then to serve his estate. Now other talented artists are joining our fellowship and we look forward to representing many more.

Are you excited seeing the work of Douglas Beekman, Kelly Freas, Jeffrey Bedrick, Bruce Eagle, Tom Kidd, and other fine science fiction and fantasy art artists working in this genre? I know I am, and if you want to buy their work or related items, spend a few moments reviewing our unique selection of their paintings, preliminaries and drawings at our web site at and our sister site for romantic and fine art at

We also offer you a wide variety of gift items, prints, limited edition lithographs and other items from our represented artists on both sites.

Whatever you seek, I hope you will find as much enjoyment viewing the work of our science fiction and fantasy art artists as we do!

To learn more, contact Mark Corrinet, Northern Star Art Proprietor, or visit the websites at