Artist Showcase - Jeff Patterson


By some fortuitous circumstance, Jeff Patterson was born September 1, 1962, the day the U.N. announced that the world poulation had reached three billion, so he figures that was him.

He started illustrating fanzines in the late 1970s, and drawing small-press comics in the 1980s. He founded Bad Day Studios in 1995 as a vehicle for his annual Holiday Cards, each featuring an illustrated SF or Fantasy story.

Over the years he has dabbled in calendars, webcomics, and illustrations for websites, but never pursued illustrating for exhibition until spurred on by friends. He started in earnest in 2009, combining digitial techniques with his penwork, and has since exhibited at Boskone and Lunacon. He was also featured artist at the avant garde Night Gallery in his adopted home town of Leesburg, Virginia. In 2012 he released the ebook Solstice Chronicles, collecting his holiday stories.

Jeff is a regular panelist on the Hugo-nominated SF Signal podcast, and is the least-educated (but better-looking) third of the podcast team known as "The Three Hoarsemen". He latest ebook, Don't Tweet Where You Eat, is available for Kindle at Amazon.

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Artwork: Sower