Artist Showcase - Judith Peterson


My B.A. is in History and I have a background in Education and Library Science. I acquired my fascination with wood from my father - an inveterate whittler. I have always had a passion for puzzles. When my youngest child graduated from high school and left home, I found myself with time on my hands. In February of 1990, I bought two books on scrollsawing, and a scroll saw and taught myself to use it.

My creations are divided into six different categories: Carousel Animals, Dinosaurs, Fantasy, Living Creatures, Zodiac, and Other. All of my puzzles interlock and are designed to stand. My latest patterns are characters from "The Hobbit." All together, I have over 400 active patterns (those are the ones I'm not yet tired of cutting).

Except for the trappings on the Carousel Animals I do virtually no painting. I prefer to use hardwoods in their natural color, and let the Danish Oil bring out the beauty of the wood.

In my spare time I read, garden, play bridge, and write articles and books on scroll sawing for Fox Chapel out of East Petersburg, PA. I also teach for the Woodcraft store in my hometown.

Artwork: Fight to the Death