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One of my brothers loaned me the book "The Secret of the Martian Moons" when I was in 4th grade, and I've been hooked on science fiction ever since. Less than a decade after that I hit my first convention (I believe it was Norwescon 3) and have been hanging out with weirdos of one flavor or another ever since.

I hesitate to call myself an artist since I stopped doing "real" art when a teacher offered to buy something I had drawn in 7th grade. Still, I have a "real" job using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop 50 or 60 hours a week, plus in my "spare" time I find myself at the business end of a camera quite often, trying to see the unseeable, then putting my vision into reality.

Sometimes pure photshoppery, other times massive projects involving hundreds of pounds of cement dust, cinnamon, lemon pepper, charcoal, dry ice, etc. I'll see a weird plant and it will spark an idea of creating alien worlds, or read about cryovolcanoes on Enceladus and get the urge to simulate that in my photo studio.

To translate to Texan, I suppose I might say I start with a photographic piņata and than smack it hard with my Photoshop club to see what comes spilling out.

Amongst my distinctions I'm proud to say that my work was the only photography that received a complaint at a photo exhibit at the University of Washington, and in a classic case of "large fish/small pond" I am a past winner of the Chess Journalists of America "Chess Photo of the year."

Stop me and say hi, I'll be the shy one with the camera!

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Artwork: No Survivors