Artist Showcase - Valerie Purcell


Art - I've been an artist my whole life (born with a crayon). I tend to see the world a tad differently than most people: through irony-colored glasses with a pile of sarcasm. I have spent half of a century trying every kind of arts and crafts technique that interests me and only have another 50 or so years left to get to the rest I want to try!

Medium - I'm rather old school, I don't use computers or software, I actually still draw, paint (acrylics and alcohol inks), sculpt/cast, design & sew, make jewelry, and many other crafts (everything from needle tatting to paper making). But collages - or '3D paintings' - have always been a favorite! To me, collages fit naturally into the world of Steampunk (a sub-genre of science fiction)! As a history minor, I really enjoy the fantastical aspects combined with the historical aesthetics, and am a huge fan of the music, the writing, and costuming for Steamy events!

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Artwork: Multi-media collage