Artist Showcase - Spring Schoenhuth


Spring Schoenhuth has a fascination for all things geologic, particularly astronomy, gemology and paleontology. She was born and raised in Montana looking up at the "Big Sky", lived many years in Seattle, and taught in California, Washington, Montana and Hawaii. Her current projects are putting together a series of children's books, teaching second grade, and being the owner of Springtime Creations, (purveyor of exotic and science fiction jewelry, whose work has been seen in Star Trek: DS9™). Other than creating jewelry for individuals and television shows, she has also designed jewelry for organizations, and crafted the Campbell Award for Best New Writer nominee pin.

Spring has been an advocate and teacher of fine arts in her long career as an educator. She serves on the Fremont Unified School District's Arts Committee, is a Monart™ Specialist for the district, a member of California Art Educator's Association, and has conducted workshops to teach instructors on a variety of methods of infusing fine arts curriculum into the elementary and secondary program. She is currently the Western Region Director of ASFA (Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists) and a member of BASFA (Bay Area Science Fiction Association). Spring lives with her wonderful husband, Dave Gallaher, and her feline son, Spike, in Fremont, California.

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Artwork: Timelord