Artist Showcase - Tammy Tripp


Tammy‚€™s interest in art started at a young age, and like most young girls, with the usual "horsey" drawings. Parental encouragement propelled her to take whatever art courses could be had throughout her formative school years. After graduating she pulled a ten year stint in the Army but continued to hone her skills inspired by the rich images offered by the science fiction and fantasy genre. After leaving the service she enrolled in The Art Institute of Seattle and spent the next two years in art hell. An incredible experience that she wouldn't have missed for the world, she was just glad she already knew how to go days without sleep. After working ‚€œin the field‚€ for a while, she decided she preferred to explore art in her own way with her own rules. Today, the one thing that truly drives her art is for it to have meaning, to tell a story, most typically with symbols, bright colors, and mythic subjects. In many ways each piece represents moments and discoveries from her journey through life told through the infinite language of art.

Artwork: Southern Portal