Artist Showcase - Young Wang


Young Wang has been working for Funimation as a graphic designer for over 8 years, working on such properties as Dragon Ball(-/Z/GT), Sacred Blacksmith, and Heroic Age, as well as many other titles. He is an active member of the fan community as an avid cosplayer and artist, and has staffed for various conventions as well as participated as a dealer in the dealer rooms. Young is the creator of the webcomic Nekobox, which ran for 5 years, and went on to help Fred Gallagher publish the first release of his Megatokyo comic in printed form. Having graduated from USC with a degree in computer engineering/computer sciences with a minor in multimedia and creative technologies, Young is proof that if a person is dedicated enough and flexible enough to adapt and change, then any dream is possible!

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Artwork: Alice's Wonderland