Artist Showcase - Sherry Watson


Mild-mannered Leon Valley library technician ("Mr. Spock") by day, whacko experimental San Antonio sci-fi/fantasy/humor artist by night, "Sherlock" (Sherry Watson) glommed a University summa cum laude BFA in Drawing, then scribbled the rest of her life away. Sherlock does all manner of art -- illustrations, paintings, photos, sewing, needlecrafts, crazy experimental/recycling creative fun... you name it. She's drawn a few clip art collections, illustrated several books (from Lucas Miller's "Dr. DNA and the Anaconda Invasion" & "Bluebonnet Time" to Diane Duane's "The Misadventures of Prince Ivan"), snagged a Hugo nomination & a slew of awards for this & that, among other things…always busy with something. She's done about a dozen illustrations for ANALOG, a music CD cover, soft-sculptured creatures, Jonathan Frid's reader's theatre DVDs, numerous portraits, t-shirt designs, dragons & cartoons for conventions & the like; painted gourds, fun signs, & even funny animal covers for Colorado Book Associates' catalogs. A virtual artistic sampler, ready to explore new ways to use materials & make things. Lately she's spent all her free moments building a shower (see Facebook for the full story!) but is always interested in new commissions! Her mother says Sherry reminds her of Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, but Sherlock denies this outright since she's never had her sanity tested.

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Artwork: Cover of "Dr. DNA and the Anaconda Invasion" / Dr. DNA: Laocoön.