Artist Showcase - Worlds of Wonder


If you've ever picked up a fantasy or science fiction paperback because you loved the image on the cover ... or decided to read a story, bought a calendar, or played a role-playing game, just because the images were so compelling ... you're going to love the art we sell!

Worlds of Wonder specializes in contemporary illustrative and cover art ... mainly fantasy, and science fiction (and three dimensional artworks which carry out these fantastical themes) ... but we carry other works in other genres, too: adventure, aviation art, gothics, westerns, and more. Whether you seek specific works because of their association (authors, titles, publishers, time period, or popular character), or collect art related to specific use (book, game, toy, calendar, movie poster) or theme (dragons, mermaids, cities of the future) - we can help.

Since 1991, Worlds of Wonder has offered the very best of this special kind of art, works by award-winning, recognized artists in the field - the artists whose colorful technique, craftsmanship, and highly original styles of expression have made them nationally, and even internationally, famous. Of the more than 20 artists we represent, we have chosen two to represent at LoneStarCon 3. Both are well-established professionals, illustrators with unique talents and imaginations who specialize in creating bold, exciting, compelling and provocative works of illustrative art.

Worlds of Wonder sells art via printed catalogs, and on our web site. For collectors wishing to see the works in person, we offer the potential of a visit, by appointment only. We offer appraisal services, and consultation on special projects. For a limited number of artists we also act as artist's agent in the licensing and sale of reproduction rights of their images. And yes, we run sales, and are known for special offerings on eBay - join our online mailing list, to keep up!

We are always interested in purchasing works of high quality, whether 'vintage' science fiction, or contemporary. We also can help in placing works of art that you may currently own.

Whether you are a beginner, new to collecting in this field, or are adding to an already established collection, we've got more than 35 years of experience in this field to guide you in your decisions. And we wouldn't steer you wrong.

To learn more, contact Jane Frank, Worlds of Wonder Proprietor, or visit her website at