Special Exhibit - The WSFS Banner

The WSFS Banner has been traditionally hung at Worldcon for many years. It was conceived and designed by David A. Kyle ("the fan in the red jacket") and made by fan Jean Carroll.

The banner was made for the 14th Worldcon held in New York in 1956, of which David Kyle was chairman. As David says, "I was inspired because the Biltmore Hotel had flagstaffs that jutted out over the front of the hotel over their marquee flying various appropriate flags (usually the American Flag). I decided we should have a WSFS convention banner of the appropriate dimensions hanging there also, and so it flew there during the convention weekend."

The banner vanished from sight for a number of years - we now know it was held by Howard DeVore for at least a decade - before reappearing.

The banner was subjected to a museum quality conservation process for Chicon 7 in 2012, giving us all the chance to continue appreciating this important piece of Worldcon history. Our thanks go to Jill Eastlake for arranging the conservation work, and to Jill and to Renovation, the 2011 Worldcon, for contributing to the cost.

Chicon 2000: the WSFS banner floats over the Hyatt's lobby restaurant
[Photo by Mike Jencevice].