Exhibits - Theme Days

Thursday - A Taste of Texas

If you want to know a lot more about Texas (because lets face it, everything's bigger in Texas) then stop by the exhibit hall today. There will be plenty to see and do as you take in the sights that include learning about convention honorees such as Darrell K. Sweet and see items from the Howard Museum. Test your brain with Texas author and science fiction and fantasy trivia. The main event is a mechanical bull. We will get a chance to see how well our con chair Randy handles the bull, too. Do you want to see if he gets bucked or if he rides the full 8 seconds? Finally, don't forget to stop by the photo booth where you can have your picture taken wearing a cowboy hat and holding a lasso. If that wasn't enough, you can test your Texas knowledge with a little trivia. How much do you know about the Texas science fiction scene?

Friday - Space Cowboy

If you joined us for a trip back to the old frontier on Thursday's Taste of Texas day, please join us for an adventure in the "Final Frontier" on Friday. Don't be afraid to go where no man has gone before. You will be able to check out a replica of Star Trek's USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) bridge. Have your photo taken as a member of the crew if you desire and try the bridge simulator game Artemis SBS. There will be some neat props at the photo booth today too. Do you enjoy Firefly? You can get your picture taken wearing Jayne's hat.

Saturday - Biohazard


Dont forget to stop by the exhibit hall on Saturday. Remember the first rule too: "Cardio, cardio, cardio". You can join in our Zombie walk/crawl/shuffle and stay to have your picture taken. You will be able to prove you survived the LoneStarCon 3 version of the Zombie-pocalypse. Do you want to learn how to do zombie makeup or walk/move like a zombie? Then stick around for some demos too. If you want to relax a little grab some crayons and some coloring pages from Hugo nominated fan artist Steve Stiles.

Sunday - Steampunk

Mad Science and modern science, including Jay Lake's gene sequencing. Let's face it, what's a science fiction convention without a little "real world" science? Come see the science demos provided by "Mad Science" a traveling education in science show. This will be great for kids of all ages and will demo things like optical illusions, magnets, a Van de Graaff generator, dry ice and energy. If you want to get a little more steampunk in then visit the photo booth for your chance to have your picture taken wearing some fun steampunk gear like goggles, a bowler hat, or perhaps a feather hair clip might finish off your look.

Monday - British SF

Are you a Whovian who wants to celebrate this 50th birthday? Come join us for a slice of cake and some fun as we close the convention and look to London and Loncon 3 in 2014. Answer some London and Doctor Who trivia and learn more about some literature and characters that helped with the inspiration of Doctor Who. Have you heard of Professor Quatermass? Meet the professor and learn more about British SF (including our very own Toastmaster - Paul Cornell) in a docent guided tour. One final special event as we get ready to close LoneStarCon 3 and set our sights on London. We hope you don't mind surprises, because we know someone who turns 50 (or 1201ish) in just a couple of months. Shhh... keep it under your cowboy hats! We welcome you to join us in a birthday celebration of someone "Who" we all (well most of us) love. You can wait for the blue box - just don't ever stop acting like a child.

Come for ribbons, knowledge, something a little bit different and stay for the fun. Who knows what you may find. Enjoy the con!