Guests of Honor

Each Worldcon selects a small number of Guests of Honor for the ultimate recognition that the event can bestow. Each Guest of Honor is chosen for their lifetime commitment and contribution to the field. Effectively, this is the Hall of Fame for the science fiction and fantasy field - and it is filled with major names, from Asimov to Clarke and Bradbury to le Guin, as shown by this list of all Worldcon Guests of Honor.

LoneStarCon 3 has chosen to add five new names to this list. Each is representative of the best that the field has to offer.
  • Ellen Datlow has been editing science fiction, fantasy, and horror short fiction for over thirty years. She was fiction editor of Omni Magazine and SCIFICTION and has edited more than fifty anthologies.

  • James Gunn has become one of the most influential authors, scholars, and educators in science fiction after more than 60 years of nonstop efforts.

  • Willie Siros founded and chaired two of the earliest science fiction conventions in Texas: Solarcon 1 (1975) and 2 (1976). He was subsequently one of the founders of the Fandom Association of Central Texas and ArmadilloCon.

  • Norman Spinrad is the author of over twenty novels, including Bug Jack Barron, The Iron Dream, Child of Fortune, Pictures at 11, Greenhouse Summer, and The Druid King.

  • Darrell K. Sweet (1934-2011) provided cover art for some of the seminal works of the science fiction and fantasy genre.

Follow the links below to learn more about the uniques lives and contributions to our field of each of our Guests of Honor.

Ellen Datlow

James Gunn

Willie Siros

Norman Spinrad

Darrell K. Sweet

Special Guests and Toastmaster

In addition to the main Guests of Honor, each Worldcon typically features a small number of Special Guests. These are typically people who bring something different to the Worldcon. LoneStarCon 3 has also chosen a Toastmaster to host our major events.

  • Special Guest Leslie Fish is a pioneer of filk music, the winner of eight Pegasus Awards, and perhaps the most famous filker in the world.

  • Special Guest Joe R. Lansdale is the Champion Mojo Storyteller, a multiple award-winner with "a folklorist's eye for telling detail and a front-porch raconteur's sense of pace."

  • Toastmaster Paul Cornell is a New York Times #1 Bestseller writer of SF and fantasy for prose, television and comics, and the first person to be Hugo Award nominated for all three media.

Leslie Fish

Joe R. Lansdale

Paul Cornell (Toastmaster)