Special Guest - Leslie Fish

Special Guest Leslie Fish is a pioneer of filk music, the winner of eight Pegasus Awards, and perhaps the most famous filker in the world. Longevity is part of it - she wrote her first filk song, the Lord of the Rings-inspired "Fellowship Going South," in 1963 - as well as passion on subjects including but not limited to politics, activism, space, cats, and weaponry, all of which and more she sings about, singly and in combination.

Along with The DeHorn Crew, in 1976 Leslie Fish created the first commercial filk recording, Folk Songs for Folk Who Ain't Even Been Yet. Her second recording, Solar Sailors (1977) included the song "Banned from Argo", a comic song parodying Star Trek which has since spawned over 80 variants and parodies. She recorded the comic song "Carmen Miranda's Ghost", which was the source for the short story collection Carmen Miranda's Ghost Is Haunting Space Station Three, edited by Don Sakers (in which she has one story and the notes on the song). Her Apollo 11 tribute "Hope Eyrie" is often considered the filkers' national anthem. She is also so prolific in setting tunes to poems by Rudyard Kipling that they have a genre name of their own: the KippleFish.

Now a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, Leslie Fish is a fierce advocate for gun rights, an ardent supporter of the Industrial Workers of the World, aka the Wobblies, and a breeder of intelligent cats with thumbs. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Leslie Fish on the web:

"Hope Eyrie" (sung by Julia Ecklar)