Booking Your Room

Our Marriott room blocks are nearly full as of Monday, 8 July. We have a small number of Kings left in each of the Marriott Riverwalk and Marriott Rivercenter. In addition, a small number of rooms might become available from time to time from members who cancel existing reservations.

We have secured additional capacity at the Hilton Palacio Del Rio, which is across the street from the Convention Center, only a half block walk from the main entrance. The Hilton room rates are the same as at the Marriott ($154 single/double occupancy) but with the added benefit of free wireless Internet access in the guest rooms.

Please refer to our Hilton page for full details on how to book a room in the Hilton Palacio Del Rio.

All standard room reservations in our hotels – the Marriott Riverwalk and the Marriott Rivercenter - are made by the individual members of LoneStarCon 3 through the Passkey booking system. Suites can be reserved only through the convention - please read the parties and suites page if you are interested in reserving a suite either for party use or just as a sleeping room.

The following notes walk you through the booking procedure. Please read them before making a booking.

Note: For those not familiar with Passkey, we will also be providing a more detailed walk through page with screenshots in the next few days.


Please note the following features of the booking process, which may be different to your usual experience. Details on each of these items can be found in the walk-through below.

  • You need to provide detailed information on each person staying in the room
  • You need to follow a specific procedure if people staying in the room have different arrival or departure dates
  • International members should note that the forms assume US address format.

Step 1 - Room Type

  • The booking system offers four choices for room type ("guest type" in the drop-down menu in the upper left corner): party or non-party floors, and king or double-bedded rooms. Because the Riverwalk is entirely non-party, if you select a party floor booking, you will only be able to choose the Rivercenter.
  • King-bedded rooms can generally take one rollaway bed. Double-bedded rooms cannot take any rollaways. Therefore, the maximum number of people is three in a king (two in the king bed, plus one in the rollaway), and four in the double-bedded rooms.
  • There are a very limited number of rooms on the party floors so unless it is important for you to be on a party floor, please do not book the party rooms.

Note to Party Hosts: Our initial block of party rooms is likely to sell out quickly. If you cannot reserve your first preference for type of room on a party floor, try the other type available (that is, if no kings remain, try to book a double room, or vice versa). If no rooms in the party block are available, reserve a room on a non-party floor and let us know at that you would like to be put on our wait list to get a room on a party floor when more become available. We fully expect to have more rooms available on party floors as we increase our room block in the coming months.

Another option is requesting a small suite ("Junior King") for your party. They have more space and cost only $77 more than a regular room on a party floor. For more information, see the parties and suites page.

Step 2 - Dates and Number of People in Room

  • Provide your checkin and checkout dates, and the number of people in the room.
  • If the people in your party have different arrival or departure dates, provide the earliest arrival date and the latest departure date for the whole group, even if no single person is staying for the whole duration.
  • If you've selected "non-party", you will now have a choice of hotels. (If you selected "party", you will only be offered the Rivercenter.) You then need to verify the room type you originally selected.
  • Confirm or correct your dates before continuing.

Step 3 - Guest Information

  • If you reserve a room for more than one person, you need to list information for all of the guests. You cannot leave this information blank, even if you don't know who the additional people will be. In that case, you might need to provide placeholder information (for example, "Roommate N" for the first names of the various future roommates, and your email address).
  • If the people in the room have different arrival/departure dates, when you enter the names for the individual guests, click the Change field next to a person's row and edit the dates for that individual.
  • Due to a software issue, if the number of people varies between single/double and triple/quad during the stay, Passkey will quote the wrong rate. The hotels are aware of this problem and will correct the rate as necessary once they take over the reservation information in August 2013.
  • International members: If you do not have an address that matches the US "City, State, Zip" format, do the best you can. The screen requires you to enter something in those fields, as well as the phone number/email fields. For members with only one name (rather than the US "First name, Last name" format), you will need to fill something in both fields. This information should match the information stored with your credit card company as closely as possible. (Note that your card will *NOT* be charged unless you fail to show up or cancel your room.)

Step 4 - Credit Card Information

  • After filling in the personal information fields, the next screen will collect your credit card information to guarantee the room.

Step 5 - Confirmation

  • Finally, you will get an opportunity to review everything before making final submissions.

Changes and Assistance

If you need to modify or cancel your reservation, you must do so through the Passkey system until August 8, 2013. At that point, all reservations will be transferred to the hotel. Please do not contact the hotel about your reservation prior to this date, as they will not be able to help you. After August 8, changes can only be made by contacting either the hotel directly or through Marriott reservations.

If you have any questions that Passkey support can't help you with, contact the LoneStarCon 3 housing staff at

All set? If you're ready to make your booking, you can now go to the Passkey reservation system for LoneStarCon 3.