Parties and Suites

Suites at LoneStarCon 3 can only be booked through the convention. This applies to both party and non-party floor suites. Because suite availability is limited, we might not be able to satisfy all requests. Party suites in particular are likely to be rotated amongst people who desire them.

Requesting a Suite

All suite requests must be made by emailing the convention at If you want a suite for a party or otherwise, let us know what you want the suite for, the general type and price range you require, and your desired dates.

To make the best use of the available suites we will be taking suite reservations through March 31, 2013. All reservations received by then will be treated as if they arrived on the same day for determining allocation. Requests received after this date will only be assigned after all earlier requests have been assigned. We will contact requesters as we make their suite allocations. All allocations should be completed by late May. If you have any questions about booking suites, please email us at

Suites in the Rivercenter

All parties must be held in the Rivercenter, as this is the only hotel in which we are allowed to bring in our own food and beverages without being required to purchase them from the hotel. Party suites are available in a range of sizes from 430 to 765 sq. ft. although the largest rooms have been pre-allocated to Worldcon bidders and are not available to meet general demand.

The party floors also include a large number of regular (370 sq. ft.) rooms ideal for smaller parties that don't need the extra space or cost of a suite, or for people who want convenient access to the parties. These rooms can be booked through the regular convention bookings page, at the standard rate. When booking on the regular convention booking page for the Rivercenter, be sure to select the party block.

The Rivercenter suites vary in price, size, and arrangement, from the smallest suites (the Junior Executive, sometimes referred to as the King Junior) at 430 sq. ft. for $231 per night to the Presidential suites at 1,000 sq. ft for $924 per night. Most of the suites include a bedroom area, and many also have a connecting standard bedroom that can be added for the standard amount. These connecting bedrooms, like the suites themselves, can be booked only through the convention.

The table below shows all the different suite types available on the party and non-party floors. Three suite sizes are available for general booking on the party floors, while all suite sizes are available on the non-party floors. (The largest suites are however only available in very limited numbers and we cannot therefore guarantee to meet all demand.) A PDF is also available containing floor plans and descriptions for each type of suite.

Note that the sizes in the table are given in terms of living area space - the total floor space including, for example, seating space on beds, will be larger, according to the specific room configuration.

Suite Type Living Area Party Non-Party Rate
Junior Exec King (1BR) 430 sq. ft. YES YES $231
Executive Suite (Bedsitting) (1BR) 500 sq. ft. -- YES $385
King Suite (1BR) 535 sq. ft. YES YES $299
Hospitality Room (0BR) 535 sq. ft. YES YES $299
Luxury Suite (1BR) 765 sq ft. See Note YES $770
Vice Presidential (1BR) 765 sq. ft. See Note YES $770
Presidential (1BR) 1,000 sq. ft. -- YES $924

Note. The party floors include a total of three 3 Vice-Presidential and Luxury Suites. These have been pre-allocated to the 2015 Worldcon bidders and are therefore not available to meet general requests.

Suites in the Riverwalk

Although the Riverwalk is a non-party hotel, we have a very limited number of suites available for non-party uses. Each is different, but all are about 500 square feet, and priced at $385.