Masquerade DVD

LoneStarCon 3's Masquerade is now on DVD! The ceremony is available in Blu-Ray or DVD for US$9.95/ea., or in US$14.95 for combo pricing (both DVD and Blu-Ray). The Blu-Ray version is sourced from 720p HD recording, and the DVD is a "down-conversion" from the same HD recordings.

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Masquerade Awards

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Jill and Don Eastlake

Ever since there have been science fiction conventions, fans have loved to dress up, either as their favorite characters, or in elegant costumes of their own design. It was a natural progression for conventions to institute prizes for the best costume, and that in turn has led to the tradition of the Masquerade. These days the Masquerade is one of the prime attractions at a Worldcon, rivaled only by the Hugo Award Ceremony. It is essentially a catwalk show in which costumers of all levels and abilities show off their skills and win prizes. Worldcon members are welcome to participate, either by producing costumes of their own or by joining the audience to watch the show.

Sound like fun? Don't worry if you've never done this before - there are several levels of competition so even if you are only a beginner (or a child) you stand a chance of winning a prize. Entrants are divided into divisions based on the costuming skill levels of the participants, and judged by a panel selected by the Masquerade Director, Jill Eastlake.

We encourage members of LoneStarCon 3 to show their fellow fans their costumes on stage and, if they wish to do so, to compete for awards from our judges. No experience is needed; we'll show you the ropes and help you on and off stage. Experienced judges will review entries on stage and, optionally, the workmanship on costumes. Although registration is required to appear on stage, everyone is encouraged to be part of the audience.

What to Expect

The LoneStarCon 3 Masquerade will take place on Saturday, August 31, 2013. The doors will open at 7:30 p.m, and the big show itself will start at 8 p.m. This is a very popular show, but there will be plenty of seating in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott San Antonio Rivercenter, so bring all your friends!

For first timers, here's a little about what to expect at the event:

  • Our Toastmaster, Paul Cornell, will act as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. The show starts with a brief introduction of the competition's Division System.
  • Paul will introduce each Young Fan, and they will present their costumes individually on stage. There will be a brief break while the Judges confer about the Young Fan entries, and then all of those entrants will be acknowledged on stage. We hope to be able to release the Young Fan entrants by 9 p.m.
  • The show proceeds with all the other entries in an order selected by the Masquerade Director. The entries range from less than half a minute to a few minutes, depending upon the complexity of the presentation, and whether it is presented by an individual or a group. The limit of 50 entries includes Young Fans. This run-through is estimated to finish before 11 p.m. The judges then leave the hall to deliberate on the awards.
  • We are planning a great Half Time show of music by Special Guest Leslie Fish, and magic by Drew Heyen. You'll want to stay for this!
  • The judges will come back with a list of the winners in each division and category. Awards will be given for both Workmanship and Presentation, and the winners will be called on stage to receive their ribbon awards.
  • The show ends, and generally lots of parties begin, including LoneStarCon 3's Conjunto Dance! Check the Pocket Program, daily newsletters and party boards for information about what is happening for the remainder of the night.

Our Half-Time Performers

Two performers will heighten the evening, alternating their performances while the judges are out.

Drew Heyen Convention Special Guest Leslie Fish will honor us by singing at Half Time.

A magician since 1995, Drew Heyen first joined the Texas Renaissance Festival in 1991, portraying a wide variety of characters. In 1999, he pioneered his stage show at the Excalibur Fantasy Festival in Smithville, Texas, remaining the headline act for six years. In 2000, Drew began performing close-up magic as the King's Magician in the streets of the Festival, continuing on as an independent performer through 2011. As well, he is an accomplished entertainer working private and corporate events for Houston's top event planners.
Drew Heyen

How to Enter

If you are considering entering please start by reading our Information for Entrants for more details. Whether this is your first time or your one hundredth, this document contains important information that you need to know.

We have a 50 entry limit this year, so please pre-register online to be sure to reserve a spot. You will need to check in at the Masquerade Registration Desk in the Convention Center to schedule your required rehearsal.

ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. To register for the Masquerade, please visit the Masquerade table near LoneStarCon 3 Registration.

We will be using the International Costumers' Guild (ICG) Fairness Guidelines Division System for entries. This ensures that:

  • Young fen (those under 13 at the beginning of the convention) compete with each other
  • Novices (those competing for the first time or having not won any ribbons for any costumes on stage) compete against each other
  • Journeymen (those competing with one to three world class wins for any costumes on stage) compete against each other; and
  • Masters or Craftsmen (those who are in the costuming and/or clothing business, or have three or more world class wins as a journeyman or any world class wins as a master or craftsman) compete against each other.

However, anyone may compete at a more difficult level if they choose, and anyone may win "Best in Show" should the judges decide to present one (and there have been novices who have won "Best in Show"). There will be detailed Workmanship judging in all divisions.

We also have a theme this year - "Deep in the Heart of Texas." If you'd like to know more, please read this article by the Masquerade Director, recently published in "The International Costumer" (the newsletter of the ICG). You're not obliged to follow the theme, but you might have a lot of fun if you do!

Have any questions? Feel free to contact the Masquerade Director, Jill Eastlake, at

More About Costuming

If you would like to learn more about costuming, and perhaps pick up a few tips, you may find the following web sites useful:

You can also take a look at the costumes from some recent Worldcon Masquerades:

The Blue Meanie (Renovation, 2011)
Photo: Richard Man

Mad Madame M's Marvelous Machine (Chicon 7, 2012)
Photo: Richard Man

Volunteers Needed

And don't forget - one of the best ways to participate in the production of the Masquerade is to volunteer! We can't do it without you - and we'll need help for all aspects of the Masquerade. Want to see everything up close and personal? We can use your help in the Green Room. Want to be in the middle of the action? Become a ninja for the evening, wearing black, being by the stage and insuring the safety of our Entrants. Want to document the costumes in photos? We'll have a fan photo area. Want to do more? Write to us at, and we'll chat.

We're looking forward to a great Masquerade, with a special category called "Deep in the Heart of Texas." So join us - we'll have a blast!