Masquerade - What's in a Theme?

By Jill Eastlake, LoneStarCon 3 Masquerade Director

This will be my second time directing the Worldcon Masquerade - and I couldn’t be happier about it! Let’s talk about themes, as I believe they aren’t done enough or presented enough.

This year’s theme is "Deep in the Heart of Texas". Yes, it’s corny, and it’s true. Many people simply will roll their eyes and say, "Why bother?" Here’s why.

Most of us realize that being science fiction and fantasy fans means that we're not normal. And, we are proud of it! Then, sometimes, we get hung up making things that really other people have invented already. We use patterns, copy published works, and occasionally make them our own. I’ve seen a huge number of wonderful re-creations and adaptations. Lets go a bit further and use those strange imaginations we are so proud about having.

Think about Deep in the Heart of Texas. Deep. Hearts. Texas. Here are a couple of my whacky thoughts that could lead to some strange and wonderful ideas.

I started typing "deep," but instead typed "Depp." Hmmm. What would Johnny Depp do that's incredibly creative and might have something to do with Texas? What would Captain Jack Sparrow do were he somehow in Texas? How would he land in the middle of the state, nowhere near the Gulf? How would he be in the Gulf, so shallow at the edges?

Hearts both in the abstract, see Valentine Hearts, or in the body, see pumping hearts. This could get sweet. It could get gory. Candy hearts. Beating hearts. Sacrificing hearts to the candy ghods?

Texas has a long tradition, and some rip-roaring good symbols. The lone star. The shape of the state. Western wear. 10-gallon hats. How about some aliens who saw Dallas, the TV series, and came here believing we’re all like that? Funky?

I’m into doing group entries. How about 71 aliens who are all somehow embedded in Texas? Well, that was odd.

So, are some of you crazy enough to enter the themed competition? I’d love to see where you go with this.

See y'all in the middle of Texas, real soon now.