LoneStarCon 3 Mobile App Guide

Welcome to the mobile app page of LoneStarCon 3. We are delighted to offer two different mobile applications for Worldcon members this year. The core functionality for each application is similar, although the user experiences are quite distinctive - members are encouraged to try both and then to use whichever application they feel most comfortable with.

  • Both applications make use of HTML 5 combined with sophisticated scripting and a connection to LoneStarCon 3's live program database to ensure members have access to the latest program updates on a day by day basis during the convention.

  • Both applications are accessed as "regular" websites through a browser - they do not need to be installed from the iTunes store or Google Play.

  • Both applications therefore work on iOS, Android, and Windows devices and on all current and recent operating system versions - as long as the browser supports HTML 5.

  • Both applications include core functionality to browse the convention program, by time, location, or participant, as well as to access program participant biographies.

  • Both applications also enable you to mark individual program items as favorites, so you can build a personal schedule for your convention. Note: the schedule is held on your device, so if you have more than one device, the personal schedule will not be transferred between them.

  • Our official in-house application was developed by David Brummel and can be found at www.LoneStarCon3.org/mobile/. This app has a user interface following the classic iOS app style appearance. In addition to program information, it also includes real-time party information and a newsletter feed.

  • Our interactive program guide was developed by Eemeli Aro and can be found at www.LoneStarCon3.org/guide/. This app has an all-purpose user interface which is designed to run on full size screens as well as handheld devices. The program guide is integrated into this website for regular user browsing.


Both applications have been subject to testing before launch. However, if you do encounter any problems, please provide feedback by email to webmaster@LoneStarCon3.org.

We have also provided a page with answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the mobile apps.

Feature Comparison

This chart shows a quick list of features of each of our mobile apps:

Feature Mobile App Interactive
Program Guide
Works on iPhone
Works on iPad
Works on Android
Works on Windows
Personalized Schedule
Real-time Newsletter Updates  
Real-time Party Notices  

Sample Screenshots

Mobile Application

Program Guide