Program - Music (including Filk)

What would a Worldcon be without music? Particularly a Worldcon that has committed to providing music as part of its mission, and is celebrating it by having Leslie Fish as a Special Guest? But then, you already know the answer to that question! What you really want to know is Where, When, Who, and What, so you can properly plan your convention schedule.

Music Night

Music Night at LoneStarCon 3 kicks off the convention evening on Thursday, August 29, 2013, in the Concert Hall of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. Music Night will immediately follow the Opening Ceremony, starting at 6 p.m. and continuing through until 10 p.m. The focus will then move over to the hotel space where the music will continue on into the wee hours of the morning. Strolling and busking musicians will entertain with pop-up performances.

Guest of Honor Norman Spinrad will launch Music Night with a performance of his song "Only Chaos is Real" backed by Texan rockers (and real life video game musicians) Captains of the Chess Team. Singer/songwriter and multiple Hugo Award nominee Seanan McGuire (aka Mira Grant) will then perform in concert at 6 p.m. with her evolving band Dead Sexy. Music Guest of Honor and filk icon Leslie Fish will take the stage at 7 p.m. for the first of two concerts at the convention. Captains of the Chess Team will return to perform geek rock at 8 p.m., and will continue on stage at 9 p.m., backing science fiction author Catherine Asaro in music from the Diamond Star Project.

At 10 p.m. Music Night will transition from the convention center over to the Rivercenter hotel space. Starting with an hour of themed shared music circles in three of the four music rooms, plus a room dedicated throughout the convention to Leslie Fish, the evening will be allowed to evolve and grow as musicians play whatever they like, some of them singing the sun up.

Captains of the Chess Team: Bitorrent of Love

Filk Concerts

Due to renovation work in the Marriott Riverwalk hotel, the daily concerts have been moved from the original location to a portion of Ballroom A in the Convention Center. We will be located right next to the Exhibit Hall, meaning we will be easy for concert goers to find and will be a convenient place for attendees to "set a spell" and listen to some music before going about their business.

The space is much larger than originally planned, but our mighty tech crew assures us they have matters well in hand. Enjoy!

Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok

We are delighted to announce that a capella group Sassafrass will be presenting a live performance on Saturday, August 31. Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarok is a set of songs which narrate the history of the cosmos according to Viking legend, from the creation of the world to Ragnarok and the new world beyond, focusing on the death of Baldur, and the strife between Odin and his blood-brother Loki.

More information about Sassafrass, the song cycle, and the successful Kickstarter behind the show can be found on this page.

Ballroom A Music Schedule

For ease of reference, here is the full schedule (correct as of July 30) for music and dance events in Ballroom A. The final schedule for the whole convention will be available in mid-August.

  • Fri 13:00 - Fri 14:00, Round Robin Concert: Marc Bernstein and Joe "Fax Paladin" Abbott
  • Fri 14:00 - Fri 15:00, Dr. Mary Crowell
    Gaming chanteuse Dr. Mary Crowell won E.N. World's Battle of the Bards with her song "I Put My Low Stat." She performs with a number of great bands (Three Weird Sisters, Play it With Moxie, Dead Sexy) but she's a talent in her own right. Come hear her tickle the ivories with songs like "Legolas," "M is for Magic Missile," and "Acolytes of the Machine."
  • Fri 15:00 - Fri 16:00, Steven Brust
    Author Steve Brust, known for his fine stories, strong opinions, and black musketeer hat, is also a very talented performer.
  • Fri 16:00 - Fri 17:00, Bland Lemon Denton & the Lemonaides
    Hugo and Nebula nominated Austin author Brad Denton rounds up his band of talented musicians. Always a treat to hear!
  • Fri 17:00 - Fri 18:00, The Bedlam Boys
    San Antonio Browncoats Cedric the Fiddler and Hawke the Balladeer perform Firefly-inspired songs with a Celtic/country sound.
  • Fri 18:00 - Fri 19:00, John Purcell
    John Purcell is a respected musician who often sits in and plays out the night at Minneapolis conventions music nights. We're delighted to hear him in Texas.
  • Fri 20:00 - Fri 22:30, Firefly Shindig / Contradance
  • Sat 13:00 - Sat 14:00, Bed and Breakfast
  • Sat 14:00 - Sat 16:00, Sassafrass Presents Sundown: Whispers of Ragnarock
  • Sat 16:00 - Sat 17:00, Round Robin Concert: Kat and Sean McConnell
  • Sat 17:00 - Sat 18:00, Round Robin Concert: Kathleen Sloan and Blind Lemming Chiffon
  • Sat 18:00 - Sat 19:00, Toyboat
  • Sat 20:00 - Sat 22:30, Conjunto Dance
  • Sun 13:00 - Sun 14:00, Round Robin Concert: Dr. Jordin Kare and Margaret Middleton
    Jordin Kare, physicist and aerospace engineer known for his research on laser propulsion, and Margaret Middleton, gracious proseletizer of filk with a lovely voice and a filk book that could break your foot if she drops it on you, trade filk songs.
  • Sun 14:00 - Sun 15:00, Scott Snyder
    Professional game industry musician Scott (aka Cosmo) Snyder is a charming, handsome, witty, talented, singer/songwriter.
  • Sun 15:00 - Sun 16:00, Leslie Fish
    Ask anyone attending any SF convention anywhere to name a filker, and dollars to donuts we bet they say "Leslie Fish". Special Guest and iconic singer/songwritner Leslie Fish performs the second of two concerts (and she won't even make a dent in the repertoire.)
  • Sun 16:00 - Sun 17:00, Tim Griffin, Amy McNally, Brooke Abbey
    In real life Tim Griffin performs filk songs and leads writing workshops in schools. Music helps students learn grade-level standards of core subjects like science, math, and history. In addition to learning, everyone has fun. Amy McNally is a sapphire-haired fiddling wonder of the universe. And Brooke Abbey, the dashing, daring and slightly disturbing banjo-playing Canadian pharmacist who sings hilarious disaster songs.
  • Sun 17:00 - Sun 18:00, Round Robin Concert: Roberta Rogow, Bari and Katt Greenberg
    Roberta Rogow has been a staple in filk circles for decades. Newcomers Cat and Bari Greenberg promote filk in St. Louis.
  • Sun 18:00 - Sun 19:00, Ghost of a Rose
    Ghost of a Rose plays an eclectic mix of Celtic, SCA/renaissance, pagan, and filk music with tight harmonies, guitar and voice.
  • Sun 23:00 - Mon 02:00, Steampunk Late Night Dance

Night Filking

Night filking will be in the Marriott Rivercenter (the party hotel). We expect to have four solid-walled rooms near to one another, and we plan to have theme filks begin at 9 p.m., with open filks following them (similar to the arrangements at Chicon 7). The same rooms will also be used for panels, workshops, and rehearsal space (please sign up at the "signups" desk in the concert room).

Taking Part

As for "who"... it's YOU! If you are interested in participating in the music and filk program or have other suggestions, please feel free to contact us on In particular, let us know if you are planning to be at LoneStarCon 3 on Thursday and if you have experience busking or otherwise singing in crowds.