Program - Spanish Language

Reflecting the culture and location of San Antonio, LoneStarCon 3 is pleased to present a program track devoted to Mexican, Latin, and Spanish language aspects and influences in science fiction and fantasy.

Full details will be available in the Pocket Program and online schedule which will be published in mid-August, 2013 - but items on the track are expected to include the following.

Note: items are panels except where indicated. Times are still subject to change. (M) indicates a panel moderator.

Bilingual Writers/Monolingual Audience - Thursday 14:00

Rudy Ch. Garcia, Gay Haldeman (M), Walter Hunt, Derek Kunsken

What Happened to US-Based Spanish Language Publishing? - Friday 10:00

Miguel Angel Fernandez, Rudy Ch. Garcia, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Norman Spinrad

Public Libraries/Public Schools: Meeting the Needs of the Bilingual Citizen? - Friday 11:00

John Klima, Fred Lerner (M), Val Ontell, Todd Samuelson

SF/F South of the (US) Border: Mexican SF and Fantastic Fiction - Friday 13:00

Alberto Chimal, Miguel Angel Fernandez, Christopher Kastensmidt, Gabriela Damian Miravete Ms

Spanish Language Anthologies - Fri 15:00

Chris N. Brown, Miguel Angel Fernandez, Eileen Gunn (M), Don Webb

Alternate Mexicos and Alternate Texases - Fri 16:00

Alberto Chimal, Peni Griffin, Dave Hardy, Harry Turtledove

Science Fiction in South America - Fri 17:00

Alberto Chimal, Eileen Gunn, Derek Kunsken

Latino Characters by Mainstream Authors: Diversity or Cultural Appropriation? - Fri 19:00

Chris N. Brown, Rudy Ch. Garcia, Derek Kunsken (M), Norman Spinrad

Sleep Dealer: Futuristic Science Fiction (Film) - Fri 19:00

Mexican Folklore and Folk Arts - Sat 10:00

Bridget Duffy, Miguel Angel Fernandez, Peni Griffin, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Carole Parker

Magic Realism - Sat 11:00

Rudy Ch. Garcia, Stina Leicht, Darlene Marshall (M), Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Howard Waldrop

Chicano Science Fiction - Sun 12:00

Alberto Chimal, Rudy Ch. Garcia