Member Services

This section of the web site contains useful information for members. This includes:

The Basics

Note that membership and registration information, including purchase, status checking, transfers, Changes of Address and Lost Souls, can be found in the separate membership pages.

Local Information - "Just In Case"

Our information desk team has put together a useful local information pack. This includes addresses and contact information for nearby amenities and services including hospitals and pharmacies, shipping, office supplies, and groceries.

Getting Online

Free Internet access is available from certain public areas in the convention center and on the ground floor of each Marriott hotel. There is a daily charge for access in guest rooms in the Marriott, or in program rooms in the convention center. Members staying in the Hilton hotel will receive free Wifi there as part of their room rate.

For more details, see the Internet access section on the facilities page.

Other Neat Stuff

We have a few things going on which are not convention programming, but are also not general tourism because they relate specifically to LoneStarCon 3 or have direct relevance to SF and are of interest to LoneStarCon 3 members. We've collected them together here:

Overview - Help us to Help You

Please help LoneStarCon 3 to run smoothly - this will help your fellow members as well as the LoneStarCon 3 team.

  • Wear your LoneStarCon 3 badge at all times in the convention areas of the convention center and of both the Marriott hotels.
  • During program items, do not block the aisles or the doors. If you arrive late to an item, enter quietly.
  • Read and obey signs. In most cases a "Reserved" sign means a chair or table may not be for you (but if you keep looking, you'll probably find one).
  • Save your questions and comments in a program item for near the end of the item when most moderators will invite Q&A.
  • When a program item ends, do not rush the head table to ask for autographs or engage the panelists in private conversation. In order for items to start on time, the previous item must end on time.
  • Be polite about recording items, and pay attention to "No Photography" signs. Non-disruptive photography is generally fine unless someone objects.
  • A few items will be explicitly marked "Recording/photography not permitted."  Extra staff will be patrolling those items and if you are seen to be recording/photographing at these items, you will be escorted out of the room and your recording device might be confiscated.

At-Con Information

What do you want to know at the con? What local places or activities interest you? What would you like to do before or after the con? Contact to give them some more ideas. We will have local information on restaurants, museums, local attractions and the Hispanic festival that will be going on the same weekend as LoneStarCon 3.

Con Suite

LoneStarCon 3's Con Suite will be on the 3rd floor of the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel, right between the stairs and the elevators in Conference Rooms 17 and 18. Since it'll be in the area of some night time convention programming space, it'll be a great space to plan to meet a friend, have a snack, read the paper, or just hang out and relax.

Sales to Members

LoneStarCon 3's sales to members will be handled by Scott and Jane Dennis' Fo'Paws Productions.